Medical Services in Laramie

Medical Services in Laramie

Photo Credit: Hush Naidoo

A question many think about when moving to a smaller city, is what kind of healthcare options are available? Laramie may feel small, but the medical offerings are big. Ivinson Memorial Hospital is centrally located and has almost everything a person could need. It contains 99 beds, a birthing center and nursery, a cancer center and a host of specialists to help whatever your health requires.

Laramie also has its very own bone and joint center that provides rehab, orthopedic surgery and other specialty medicine for the injuries you may incur while playing hard in the nearby areas.

Besides some of the major medical practices, Laramie has numerous dentist, Optometrists, Chiropractors and just about every other specialty a person needs. Doctors from larger areas also come to Laramie regularly for specialties like dermatology, ear nose and throat, and allergy specialists.

Laramie is a small town with big amenities. Rest assured that your body and spirit will thrive in our beautiful town.

How to Squeeze the Last Bit of Summer Out of Laradise

How to Squeeze the Last Bit of Summer Out of Laradise

While summer is winding down in Laramie, there’s still plenty of time left to soak up the sun. Here’s a few Laramie activities to squeeze in before the cooler days of autumn are upon us.

  1. Head to the Thursday and Friday evening farmer’s markets.

Thursday nights the market is at Undine Park and features local vendors. On Friday’s head downtown to the Train Depot for the Downtown Farmer’s Market where you’ll find yummy fruits and vegetables, breads, sweets and other delicious treats.

  1. Tackle Medicine Bow Peak.

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Throw your hiking boots on and conquer Medicine Bow Peak. Take time to reflect from an altitude of 12,014 feet.

  1. Walk or ride your bike around Laramie.

Before the snow begins to fall take a walk or ride around Laramie and get to know your neighbors. It can be easy to hibernate during the winter so while the weather is still fair, make some new friends!

  1. Take one last camping trip.

With so many local campgrounds to choose from, there’s no excuse not to squeeze in one final camping trip of the year. Enjoy some peace and quiet, roast hot dogs and s’mores over a fire and breathe in the cool mountain air. You’ll make great memories!

  1. Hot Springs

If camping isn’t your thing and you’re more interested in a weekend retreat that includes a bit of pampering, head over to Saratoga for a stay at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort. Lay by the pool and enjoy a dip in the tee-pee hot tubs (there are varying temps so experiment until you find your perfect one!). Don’t forget to stop by Lollypops for some summer ice cream or have dinner at one of the amazing restaurants (we’re looking at you, Bella’s Bistro).

  1. Plan a Labor Day BBQ

One of the best parts of summer is grilling!

Plan a Labor Day BBQ and invite friends and family to enjoy the last bits of summer. Need menu inspiration? Check out Pinterest or Instagram.

Summer gets a lot of credit for being the best season in Laramie, and while it is a wonderful time of year, every season brings its own special characteristics that make Laramie Laradise.